April Roane psychic medium

April Roane

Psychic    Medium, Spiritual Channel, and Coach


April Roane is an inspirational experience all on her own!


April is a spiritually intuitive Soul Coach who presents at events across the country. At the age of 8, April began communicating with Spirit and passing along messages received to loved ones. Founding her professional career more than a dozen years ago,

April holds space for you with your Divine Entourage (spirit guides, angels, and loved ones), to transform, align, and inspire you!

She has been featured on shows such as A&E’s My Ghost Story, the BIO Channel, and CBS Radio.

April works with Spirit by receiving and experiencing [all] energy. She receives messages in the form of feelings, visions, sounds, thoughts, ideas, smells, and tastes. When in readings, April asks that clients do not give personal information. That is Spirit's job.


April is a wife, mama, and an Empath. She is also an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). This allows her to create personal and lasting relationships with each person she works with. April has been transforming her #LightBabies for over twelve years! 

April avidly supports numerous charities. Some that are closest to her heart include Pawtographs for Pooches, Paranormal Kicks Cancer (PKC), and body-positive campaigns worldwide.


​April’s loyal followers and like-minded fans have been proudly named Light Babies and are all a part of her Spirit Posse.

April connects to her Light Babies weekly with her LIVE YouTube videos which provide weekly energy forecasts, guided meditations, spiritual tips, and life-changing interviews.

In addition, she holds workshops, special events, and co-hosts her NEW podcast, Escape Reality with Tim Maile- airing Tuesdays 8p CST beginning August 3, 2021. 

Books by April

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"Words can't express my gratitude! Thank you, April, for your time, energy, love, knowledge, and support. The way you work with Source and the information you share is always spot-on. Love for all you do!  

Sherree Minoletti

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"I needed to hear that more than you'll ever know or even understand. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Sunny Rogers

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Anna Prado-Frias

"April is ALWAYS spot on! I am serious. I am very skeptical about a lot of stuff, but she always leaves me surprised! Plus she is super awesome!